Reiki with Maret was blessing. In so many ways. It was such a natural thing to open up with Maret and feel at ease with her presence and practice. My experience during session was filled with lightness, layers of release, and the most positive flow of energy. Let me encourage anyone open to Reiki to reach out to Maret. She possesses a powerful and lovely gift as a Reiki practitioner and healer and being, and she shares her gift graciously. I called on Maret just a few months after my first session, this time in service of my mum who had just been diagnosed with a number of pressing health conditions. We had tried several courses of treatment via western medicine to help improve her vitals and improve her functioning. My mum was new to Reiki and feeling very little hope at the time of her first session and so I do not think any of us expected the incredible healing that began to flow. My mum felt immediate relief in several areas of her body, mind and emotions; and moving forward her vital signs steadily improved. Her spirit lit back up and she was feeling hope-filled for the first time since being diagnosed. Maret not only opened deeply needed avenues of healing in that first session, she also inspired us to see the possibility of mum’s wellness and wholeness. Maret went to see her in the hospital once more about a week later and the healing continued. My mum’s sense of fear and worry subsided significantly, and she spoke about her health with a sense of trust that healing is underway. I share this story because it inspired me and moved me and I hope it does the same for you. I hope you try out Reiki with Maret if you feel moved to do so. I am so grateful I stepped into Reiki with Maret. The waves of healing roll on and throughout. Thank you, Maret for your way of honoring, embodying, and kindly sharing your practice and your gift. With Warmth.
— Kait Z., Medford, MA
This was my first ever Reiki session, and Maret walked me through the whole thing with such professionalism and warmth. She also made ample time at the end to debrief what she and I had felt during the session, and I came away with such a renewed sense of peace. I highly recommend it!
— Jasmine R., Palo Alto, CA
Maret has been gifted with the ability to heal and connect, and this gift can be felt through every interaction with her and even more so when you lie down on that massage table for a Reiki session. Everyone has a unique experience with Reiki, but she allowed me to transcend into this meditative state. I was feeling tired and a little frantic prior to the session, and her hands melted those feelings away and left me warm and grounded. Honestly, her energy is so soothing that every time she moved her hands that portion of my body that she just connected with felt deliciously content, yet wanted more. It’s like those wonderful head rubs. They feel so good and satisfying that you don’t want it to stop.
I am honored that Maret shared her gift with me and I recommend her sessions to everyone. It meets you where you are and gives you what you need. Plus, Maret is a magnetic, present, fun, loving individual! So give yourself some good loving and treat yourself with a Reiki session with Maret :)
— Mikaela C., US Virgin Islands
Just had my first ever Reiki session. So glad it was with Maret, she was simply amazing. Can’t wait to feel that sense of calming energy again at my next session. Thank you Maret!
— Dan Z., San Francisco, CA
I had such an incredible experience in my session with Maret. I have done Reiki only one other time with a different practitioner, which was good and brought up a lot of emotions for me, but my session with Maret felt much more healing. It brought more clarity and positivity into me. I felt emotionally and physically awoken and refreshed afterwards. Before my session, Maret asked me questions about my life, which I really loved and didn’t have in my other experience. I feel this is vital to understand the energy someone is dealing with in their life. Maret was extremely professional, kind and compassionate. I felt safe, heard and loved her energy. I highly recommend you experience a session with her!
— Carla H., San Francisco, CA
This was my first Reiki session and I felt simply wonderful afterwards. As if a weight had been lifted from my body. Maret is calm with a wonderful, soothing presence that makes me feel like everything is going to be okay. Her positive and calm energy was inspirational. Thank you so much.
— Y.B., Hayward, CA
This was my first in person Reiki session and it was very relaxing. Maret walked me through a brief history of Reiki. She is very knowledgable and open to answer questions. The session lasted about an hour long and afterwords I felt refreshed and calm. I would definitely recommend Reiki Works to a friend.
— Sharon B., Piedmont, CA
The combination of introspection, meditation, and energy transfer I received from Maret’s session was seriously powerful. She helped me through necessary healing I had to do, both physically and emotionally, and held room in her heart for me to share my emotions with her throughout our session. I felt things I had never before, and left our session happier, at peace, without a worry on my mind. I’m a new believer of Reiki!

I’d recommend Maret to anyone in physical or emotional pain. She’s is an incredibly warm, intuitive, and empathic human being, and goes above and beyond for her clients. She even checked up on me multiple times after our session! Give it a shot— if not for Reiki then for Maret. Because her energy is hard to come by.
— Stephanie H., Burlingame, CA
Before Maret performed Reiki on me, I had no idea what it was or how it worked. Reiki as she explained it, is a Japanese healing art of channeling energy through her hands to your body and often times, as it did with me, it creates warmth. Maret had me lie down facing up on a massage table fully clothed and with an eye pillow over my closed eyes. Calming music was playing in the background. I was really excited to go through this Reiki experience as stress has been prominent. Maret started with hands over my eyes, then chest, abdomen, and finally knees/hips. The energy from her hands were in sync with my breathing and it caused a very high state of relaxation. She did warn me that many people tend to fall asleep and I had my doubts as I have trouble just being in a relaxed state let alone falling asleep fast. But, to my surprise, I was the most relaxed I have ever been and fell asleep. The warm calming energy she channeled had done it! I never knew I could be this RELAXED! All the stress I had coming into this was temporarily gone and it felt as if my body was resetting itself. My mind was not racing with overthinking thoughts, but it was at peace. I would 10/10 recommend Maret! She was professional and made this whole experience enjoyable for me that I hope will be the same for all!
— Carolyn X., San Bruno, CA
I am so grateful to have had a reiki session with Maret earlier this year because it’s changed my life for the better! Maret specializes in her craft and gets in tune with your inner most feelings/ energies. She is also pleasant to chat with and listens without judgements and I appreciated that. I’m excited to return to her in the future and I recommend you visit her and experience the wonder of reiki!
— Jeanette Jane G., San Francisco, CA
Maret is an extraordinarily warm soul and a tremendously skilled practitioner ! HIGHLY recommended. Thank you for sharing your gifts Maret!
— Danielle B., Richmond, CA
I had a truly wonderful session with Maret. During a time of chaos and unsettlement in my life, I reached out to her and found a warm and caring being who re-centered and relaxed me far beyond what I expected was possible. She is a professional who truly cares about the people with whom she works, and who is able to effortlessly establish a trust with her clients that allowed me to be absolutely vulnerable and relaxed as she worked on me. I cannot thank her enough for the session I had with her, and hope to be able to draw on her expertise again soon.
— Jonas P., Middletown, CT
Maret is a passionate practitioner with natural talent in energetic work. I was grateful for the space she held for me during our session, as well as her encouragement for me to be an active participant in my healing journey. Maret is clearly passionate about Reiki, I appreciated how she explained the process and tradition to me before receiving treatment. I highly recommend her services to those new and returning to this modality.
— Bonnie W., San Francisco, CA
I was quite unsure of what to expect as I’ve never had a reiki session before, but I’m glad I got to first experience reiki from Maret! Maret takes the time to educate you on the process and supports you every step of the way. She welcomes conversations and holds a safe and comfortable space that exudes understanding. She has a gift to heal and its clear that she looks to share it with others.

I left the session feeling much lighter and had the most well rested sleep in a long time. I hope others have the opportunity to share in reiki with Maret!
— Gary L., San Francisco, CA
I have received Reiki from Maret several times - both in SF, and when she’s come to NYC. Maret has strong Reiki flow, she is an attentive & compassionate listener, and an effective practitioner from a strong Reiki lineage. I have been dealing with considerable work stress, family health issues, a home under construction and have been feeling energetically threadbare. I was fortunate to spend an hour on the table with her treating me last night and immediately felt uplifted! I slept like the dead, and while not much has changed in my day-to-day from yesterday, I feel rejuvenated and light today! Go see her!
— Diane D., NYC, NY
I did it again...
Booked myself a wellness session on a crazy errand running day. I came in with my day all jumbled and knowing once I left I’d have to carry on the madness (Mamas out there with a 10mo old, you know what I mean). Regardless, I’m so glad I made this appt. with Maret. Other reviewers talk about “magic hands, magic touch,” there’s definitely a lot of soul calming. When you have a lot going on physically and mentally, it’s hard to shut off and give yourself the rest you need. The 90min session I booked, did just that. After the first 10 mins, my mind stopped racing and I exhaled and really breathed. Thanks Maret, I will be coming back.
— Sabrina L., San Francisco, CA
Maret is amazing. She has healing hands, truly! I had a very sore back when I went to her and felt so much better after the treatment. I was skeptical at first but Reiki really works. I will definitely be going back again.
— Bill R., San Francisco, CA
Listen, I want you to know Reiki Works as a life resource. Maret is such an incredible healer. Her glowing warmth will make you feel right at home, in person or from a great distance. Whatever is troubling you, your body, your spirit — Maret offers insight, gentle but difficult truths, and space to envision growth and change together. I 100% recommend Reiki Works.
— Colby S., Middletown, CT
Maret is incredibly gifted, professional and creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. My session with her was amazing, she explained in detail what the healing of Reiki is and kept in mind what I wanted to get out of the session. Her passion and skill for this healing method is incredible to experience. This was one of the most healing and loving experience I’ve had. I strongly recommend her.
— Sharit C., Oakland, CA
I didn’t know exactly what to expect as it was my first time doing Reiki. Maret thoughtfully guided me through the process in terms of what to expect and provided helpful context. I really enjoyed the subsequent work and felt great both the day of and the day after. Thank you, Maret!
— Peter T., San Francisco, CA
Maret is intuitive and goes right to the spot, without me saying where my aches and pains are. She is a great listener and an amazing healer. After our session I sensed a lot of positive changes happening inside me. I recommend Maret for any challenge you are facing. Try her; you won’t regret it! Thank you, Maret - for offering your talent and care to the world!
— Jana M., Alameda, CA
Maret is a fantastic Reiki practitioner! She creates a truly gentle, caring space for healing. I had never received Reiki before, and Maret took the time to explain everything and talk about my own goals for our sessions before we began. I always leave feeling so much lighter and more calm, more able to face the world. Maret is a natural-born healer and I feel so lucky that she shares her gift!
— Rachele A., Middletown, CT
First let me say that Maret is the best! I am new to reiki, but I am a big believer in alternative medicines so I was excited to have my first session with her. The space is super cute; very warm and relaxing, and it’s right in the heart of the mission. Maret is an awesome practitioner - she has a very kind energy and is dedicated to her craft. She explained what the process was for each session, how long they typically last, and answered all my questions.

The session itself was amazingly peaceful. I felt like I entered a trance-like state where both my energy and Maret’s were working together to bring peace and healing to my body. It’s hard to describe, but it was a truly relaxing and therapeutic experience.

Give Maret and Reiki Works a try! You won’t be disappointed.
— Will R., San Francisco, CA
Maret is truly remarkable. I had my first ever Reiki session with her - and she made it a point to explain everything and make me feel truly comfortable and relaxed throughout.

She has an incredibly loving, healing presence - and my reiki session with her was wonderful. I felt like my body and mind truly got quieter after our session.
— Shilpa R., San Francisco, CA
Maret is a truly gifted healer and reiki practitioner. The sessions I’ve had with her have been absolutely phenomenal, she always goes above and beyond to ensure that I’m comfortable through every step of the process and really meets me where I’m at. I would highly recommend for anyone seeking alleviation for stress and/or physical injuries. I have a history of lower back pain, but after a few sessions with Maret it hasn’t bothered me for months. 5/5 without a doubt.
— Jumoke MT., Brooklyn, NY
I was feeling anxiety and physical stress and a session of Reiki with Maret changed the way I was feeling. Maret is very professional and a natural healer; I felt the positive and warm energy during and after the Reiki session.
— Margarita H., San Francisco, CA
Maret is absolutely amazing. Her touch and her presence are healing. She has such a pure, optimistic, confident energy. No matter how you come to her, when you leave, you will feel better, more grounded, more powerful and more capable of handling whatever happens next. Healing others brings her joy and it shines through her work. I highly recommend!
— Oubria T., Sacramento, CA
Maret is a gem! She’s an incredibly intuitive bodyworker with a really sweet, gentle, and radiant energy. Our session was incredibly potent and had a lasting effect that still lingers days later. Before our session Maret took the time to understand what I wanted to work on, and after the session to share observations and reflections about what was present during the session. The space is clean, warm, and inviting and has the feeling of a cozy little healing den. Her pricing is on a sliding scale so that her services are accessible to different income levels. Highly recommended!
— Erika L., San Francisco, CA
Maret is a kind and gentle spirit. She is very intentional and has a pointed focus on healing and relaxation. I left her session feeling uplifted and refreshed. It felt very personal and tailored to my needs. I recommend Reiki Works to anyone who wants to be assured that they are in healing hands and their overall wellbeing is the utmost important.
— Des P., Roxbury, MA

All photography provided by JMT Photography