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Reiki (ray-key) 靈氣 is a Japanese healing art of channeling energy through the palms of the hands. Reiki 靈氣, which loosely translates to “universal life force,” rests on the belief that there’s an energy that exists in and across all things. It originated in the 1920s when philosopher Mikao Usui sensei wanted to understand how religious leaders were able to heal through the power of touch. The teachings and practices of Reiki 靈氣 were revealed to Usui sensei after a 21-day meditation on Mt. Kurama in Kyoto, and the descendants have since shared Reiki 靈氣 all over the world. 

For each Reiki Works session, the client lies fully-clothed on a massage table as the practitioner places their hands in specific positions on the body. People generally report falling asleep, feeling deeply relaxed and meditative, and sensing waves of buzzing energy through their body.

People have come to Reiki Works for a variety of reasons: chronic low back pain, insomnia, body weight insecurities, PTSD, imposter syndrome, ancestral reconnection, life transitions like a move or death or heartbreak, a time away from the kids, sexual trauma, sprained ankle, post knee-surgery, asthma, sinus infections, and more.

In essence, Reiki 靈氣 is like acupuncture without the needles, a deep energetic massage. It vitalizes the body’s natural healing processes, and fosters mental, physical, and emotional well-being and balance. 

Current Discounts:

- Receive a $5 credit for each person you refer

- Complete 4 sessions, enjoy the 5th one free!

Cost of the sessions :

  • 90 minutes: Sliding Scale of $80-$120*

  • 60 minutes: Sliding Scale of $50-$80*

  • 20 minute long-distance: $20

  • See locations tab for home visit costs

*If the space is inaccessible to you, please reach out to brainstorm a way of accommodating your needs, (i.e. long-distance Reiki, situational house calls). This value extends to other accessibility requests like economic, language, psychosomatic, time, transportation+ barriers.

*I also am very willing to discuss costs with people who have accessibility needs, prioritizing QTPOC+, LGBT+, indigenous, disabled, elderly, and under-resourced/low-income folx. Thanks!

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